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In response to the specific question whether RR painted the bare body shell in factory with doors on or off I suspect it was with doors ON as when I repainted my car there was no paint underneath the hinges.

That aside to do a bare metal respray properly you really do need to take the doors OFF just to nicely remove all the old paint.

Different auto companies however had various methods of dealing with the paint process. Some would do it with doors OFF but run jigs holding the doors alongside the car shell and others would add specific spacers to the door hinges that allowed the doors to rest offset and give more access into the door jamb.

When spraying metallic it is very important to have the panels in the correct orientation to the matching panel. My car was a solid colour so the doors were painted totally separately.

Metallic paints however rely on the small particles in the paint being applied in same direction and orientation otherwise despite being the same paint from the same tin can look totally different at various angles. You can see this on many brand new modern cars especially where the front and rear plastic bumpers mate to the body. As these parts are not painted at the same time as the metal body they can at certain angles look a totally different shade.

Hope this helps

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