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Originally Posted by Wraithman View Post
Foam tape is not for 2-color exterior paint jobs.

Wow that took some 'word smithing' to come up with that twisted false fake comment.

No one used the word foam read read read.

Lining tape IS used to do dual colours which is what I said. It simply creates a much sharper definitive line unlike masking tape where the paint can creep through as the glue is not uniform and varies by its 'TACK' rating

Foam in shut gaps is used generally in minor repairs where it is not worth the strip down of major panels. It prevents the paint from creating a solid line similar to what is termed 'back masking'. The thought of discussing a bare metal respray where foam in shut gaps was mentioned would ring bells as 'NO EXPERIENCE' 'COWBOY' and many other terms.

Avoid twisting words in an effort to make diatribe comments

Steve....who had his own bodyshop, paintshop, trim shop and workshops at Jaguar/AM and built all engineering prototypes.

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