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thanks for the help guys...

ok so in any case, they are not going to do two colours, no 2 tone. I am 99% sure the car will just be original colour which is silver mink. It has a dark blue everflex ragtop and vm3209 dark blue leather. It's just slightly intriguing to have a choice, as this is the only time in my lifetime I will ever choose the colour of any Rolls Royce of my own.

I don't want to do this job at all if it isn't going to be correct, that is, the way the factory did it. The only thing I am doing "wrong" is I am not using lacquer paints. I am using "Glasurit 55 Line" catalyzed solvent borne urethane paints. Since it is metallic it is going to have clear coat on top of base coat. The whole car stripped to bare metal, all trim, parts, all rubber removed. Metal will be cleaned with the metal prep solvent that glasurit specifies for their primer, then we will use glasurit Chromated Epoxy primer, which is the best epoxy there is, (and being discontinued next year due to 4 of the heavy metal poisons it has in it). ($525 for a 3.5L can of primer and the hardner for it.)

So I have a pretty fair idea how to do it. I got a 1,000 page textbook, and researched about 100 hours online.

The question comes to how they did the masking in the factory and how the doors were painted, either on the car or off of it? The job will take 5 months, and this is a long time coming. I don't want it to look like a mercenary dealer respray like 70% of the Corniches seem to be these days. Besides that, it is my only car, it has to last a long time.

I am unsure how to remove the chrome trim at the beltline, I suppose I will only find out after the glass is all out. this is very different than the 4 door shadows.

I will need to buy a new rubber seal for the windscreen; do I need to buy Genuine for this or is the Introcar the same thing in a different box? Someone mentioned the repro rubber parts not being good. (the 2 door windscreen is different shape than the regular shadow screen, so takes a different rubber gasket). When I got a repro replacement trunk seal from Replacement parts, it looked ok but never fit right. Not sure what to do about that, will do something else with that. Maybe update the trunk seal to the newer type.

One thing I am doing for sure is having the fender holes filled, where they had the rear view mirrors mounted directly above the front wheel arches. I took those mirrors off 15 years ago and put chrome buttons in those holes. That was the "elephant ear" type mirrors you see in some 66-69 shadows. At least on this year car, there was a provision for a side door mirrors without drilling into the doors, and I was able to get NOS 1969 door mirrors.

And I am having the european license plate mounting holes welded up because for the time being I am only going to use it in the USA, where license plates are only half the proper width (and too tall as well).

And I will need to unfasten the top from the rear deck of the car so they can strip and paint all the metal there.

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