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Head gaskets: what's going on with supply?

Does anyone know the full story of what's happening with the supply head gaskets? Mine blew a while back now and I'm unable to get the car back on the road due to there being no gaskets out there.

These are the things I have been told:

Prasad Automotive
They've been telling Bentley for years there is a problem with the head gaskets and finally they have listened to them and are redesigning them.

Bentley Tunbridge Wells
Part is being updated, 200 so far on back order.

PA Wood are making some.

PA Wood
They have made some are currently testing them. Weeks away from release if all goes well.

Flying Spares
They have some in development and being tested. one or two months away. Bentley are also developing some.

Has anyone got the whole story? It would seem the original part is quite outdated, and its application on the Turbo R at least a weak spot given the power.
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