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Master cylinder locked up

Originally Posted by danielrolls View Post
hello im new to this forum website this is the best rr forum on line.
yeah so just got this to restore it 1973 silver shadow beautiful color about a month and a half ago too many stuff to write right now what work i did to it, so anyways did the master cylinder for the rear brakes got the original kit from england, and everything went good even clean out the reservoir which was clogged topped of with new dot3 and castor oil and all, bleed all the breaks like i was told, clean fluid was coming out.
Pump the pedal for rear brakes the bottom bleeder not the top it went fine and bleed the other rest with the pedal to the floor with car running bleeding pressure is good.
Tested on the side street for like half hour works fine, but the problem i have with the breaks when i try to go on the freeway the rear brakes locked up and the break pedal went up and stiff but i was try to press the hard couple of times and it let go thank god, any one had this problem?

sorry about the spelling
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